2020 Volunteer Registration Our 11th Event


Volunteer Jobs and Descriptions



Volunteer Job Descriptions

  • Bird Cleaner-Will be cleaning and packaging over 600 pheasants
  • Dog Handler- Retriever for the pheasant tower shoot- also calling low birds and when to shoot , handing out shells, safety, You can register but we will be  choosing only 14
  • Food Prep-Server- food preparation for 300 plus people- serving the food and drinks(10)
  • Front Desk Greeter- greeting everyone , handing out bags with essentials and t-shirt fitting(10)
  • Group Leader- you will be in charge of 4 to 8 veterans, guiding them to their correct stations, helping them shoot, calling shots, making sure of everyone safety- you are not allow to carry a shotgun or shoot (28)
  • Gun Loaner- Gun Smith- recording loaner shotguns coming in and out- this is an all day jobs(4)
  • Photographer- taking photos of all groups and individual shooter- all images are donated to Enduring Gratitude
  • Drone Master- Taking the drone images with video, interviewing the veterans, making the video
  • Registration- receiving all volunteers and veterans, handing out name badges, making sure all know where to go(10)
  • Sporting Clay "Trapper"- 2 per station, one to "throw' the clays, the other to hand each veteran the correct gauge shell and amount (28)
  • Tower Station Safety Officer- New position, one per station at the tower field, hands out shells, collect shells, put empties in trash, call low birds, and when to shoot(28)
  • Traffic Control/ Transportation - direct traffic to correct parking, Carry water and extra shells to station, move groups from sporting clay station 14 to station 1, assigned to a "handicap " veteran all day(10)
  • Executive Board- only
  • Media- any media person must sign up 

2020 Volunteer Registration Form

Before you register, please read your job description and make sure you can come on February 8th.

Please write down your conformation number. You will not be contacted by us until mid December 2019

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