In 2010 a group from the High Point area discussed the difficulties experienced by young men and women returning from Operation Enduring Freedom, our current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen are engaged in the longest war in the history of the United States and the size of our fighting force is the smallest it has been in recent history.


As a result, our servicemen and women were experiencing multiple deployments; some as many as ten with three or four deployments during this time period being common. Many of these who’ve served multiple deployments are National Guard and Reserve, and not even full time soldiers. Thousands of first Little League games, dance recitals, births, and other milestone occasions in their lives and the lives of their families have been missed. As citizens who appreciate the sacrifices and efforts of these brave young men and women, the group formed Enduring Gratitude www.enduringgratitude.org, a 501c3 Charitable Non-profit with the express purpose of providing these, who have volunteered, served, and sacrificed with a memorable experience in the outdoors as an expression of our gratitude. We have recently changed our eligibility to include all those who have served in conflicts and put their lives on the line for our freedom. 

Unlike many similar organizations, there are no paid employees of Enduring Gratitude. . Some events were small with only a half dozen or so participants and some were quite large with almost 160 veterans at the 2018 Enduring Gratitude Pheasant Tower shoot and Sporting Clay shoot at Beaver Pond Sporting Club.